Is It Really 2022??

Well yes it is! It is 2022 guys and I'm so excited for what this year has in stored. 2021 ended with quite a bang. We completely sold out of all soaps during the holiday from a huge order we received. It was so fulfilling to be able to make custom gift boxes for a customer. Knowing that someone trusted in this small business to take care of their holiday needs brought such joy. 

For 2022 I'm claiming success, peace and abundance! Yes, I'm claiming it now and can't wait for it all to come to fruition. What are some things you're claiming for 2022? Whatever it may be, I pray it manifests for you!

I would like to thank all of our customers who have shopped with us in 2021 and I hope you come back in 2022 for all things Milk & Honey Soaps! 

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