Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Milk & Honey Soaps? 

You can use the "Contact Us" form or you can email us directly at We will respond within 24 hours of your request. 

Why am I being charged sales tax?

Milk & Honey Soaps, LLC is based out of the state of Maryland in which 6% sales tax applies to all orders being shipped within the state of Maryland. Orders shipped outside of Maryland will not have sales tax applied. 

Why doesn't my handcrafted soap last long?

Unlike commercially manufactured soaps, natural soap needs to stay dry while not in use. We recommend using a soap dish that drains and not have standing water to allow a longer lasting bar. 

Why doesn't my soap look like the photo on the website?

With artisan soap, each bar is truly unique so you may notice the design is not exactly as pictured. We do our best to try and replicate our batches the same as when it was photographed, but that may not always be the case. Please know your soap still has the same skin loving ingredients. 

Why does my soap have a white looking film on it? 

When handcrafting natural soap, there are times when the soap creates a white ashy film called "soda ash". Soda ash is harmless but can give the soap an unattractive look. Once you start using the soap the soda ash will wash off under water. Don't worry, your soap is perfectly safe to use if it has soda ash. 

Do you use Palm Oil in your soaps?

Milk & Honey Soaps uses Palm Oil in some of our soaps and our palm oil is purchased from a supplier who is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and supports sustainable production of palm oil.

Do you accept wholesale orders or custom orders?

We do accept wholesale and custom orders. Any wholesale or custom order requires a consultation in order to fully capture the clients vision of what they want and to set expectations. To request a wholesale or custom order, please email Please note that custom soap orders require a 6-8 week lead-time in order to stock all required materials and to allow the soap to cure. Custom orders cannot be canceled once placed and paid for and payment will not be refunded.